21. September 2015 Usleon

Helix Weekly Update #5

Ladies and gentlemen: It is time for the last Helix Weekly update! 4 weeks have passed and Helix is this very week. This time we are releasing all pools and brackets. In addition to that, we want to re-post some of the most important information, so you can keep it in mind and give you the last numbers and statistics.

This week’s content:




 Pre-Helix Party at Meltdown Berlin

 Getting around in Berlin

 Disclaimer regarding spectators



Helix hit a total number of 208 entrants! With the Helix staff not entering singles, it’s a total of 212 people. This makes Helix not only the biggest German tournament to date, but also the 4th biggest european tournament of all time, behind Heir II The Throne, Beast 5 and Epita Smash Arena 2.
Melee Singles capped at 208, while Melee Doubles managed to get 63 teams, perfect for a 64 man Bracket. P:M has a total of 69 entrants.

Let’s take a look at where our participants come from:

image (1)As to be expected, most smashers attending Helix come from Germany, making up to 2/3 of the 208 entrants. The two countries that brought the most players besides Germany are Finland (9) and the Netherlands (10). After that, Switzerland makes a surprising appearance with 8 players. The next countries in line are Sweden, Denmark, Belgium and Spain. The spanish numbers may seem even more surprising considering the caliber of the players they bring: Overtriforce, Strawhat and Trif are all in attendance. Somewhat sad is the lack of powerhouses from the swedish crew: Android Leffen and several others are missing from this list.

The most positive aspect is definitely the good numbers of Belgium, Switzerland and Spain. Hope to see them more in the future at other events!



image (2)

For the german numbers themselves: Of course, Berlin brings most of the participants, with 20% of the total. The western region follows with just barely less players and northern Germany, which was a dead region for years comes in third. Together, they make 80% of the total german smashers present at Helix. You may want to consider this numbers when planing your next smashing trip to Germany!

Helix Pools and Brackets

The time has finally come. Melee Singles pools and brackets for Melee Doubles and P:M are done and can be found here. Please note that minor changes may follow. Though we are positive and believe that not much is gonna change, if at all.

Melee Singles is going to be played in 16 pools of 13 people each. Top 4 advances to a second round of pools with 8 pools with 8 players. Again best 4 advances to top 32, which will be played on Sunday. Melee Teams will be a double elimination 63 man bracket. The bracket for P:M is also double elimination and has a total of 69 players.


Reminder: Schedule

Tentative schedule is as follows. Please note times are not yet final.

Saturday 26th of September:

09.00 – 10.00 Venue opens, freeplay
10.00 – 13.00 Melee Singles Pools R1 / PM
13.00 – 14.00 Lunch Break
14.00 – 18.00 Teams Bracket
18.30 – 19.30 Melee Pools R2
19.30 – 20.00 Small break
20.00 – 22.30 PM Top 8
22.30 End of the first day

Sunday 27th of September:

09.00 – 12.00 Melee Top 32
12.00 – 13.00 Lunch Break
13.00 – 15.30 Teams Top 8
15.30 – 16.00 Break
16.00 – 18.30 Melee Singles Top 8
18.30 End


Reminder: Getting around in Berlin

 Getting around in Berlin is really easy. The city has got a very good public transportation system. Even big distances can be travelled fairly quickly if the right choices are made. There are a few things that can help you save money and time if you consider them though.

As most cities, Berlin has different types of public transport. The most commonly used ones are arguably the “U-Bahn” (underground) and “S-Bahn” (fast train). You will be most probably using these two trains to move around and get to the venue. It may be that you need to use the tram as well. Commuter trains (RegionalBahn, short “Regio” or RB) stop at several stations in Berlin(like the Friedrichstraße station, where the venue is), but you won’t be using them often.

Berlin has 3 different zones, conveniently named “A”, “B, and “C”. How much a ticket costs depends of course on which areas you want to be moving around in. There are 3 zone combinations: “AB”, “BC” and “ABC”. You will be using either “AB” or “ABC” most of the time during your stay in Berlin. Please note that the Schönefeld airport is just outside the B zone border, so you need to get an ABC zone ticket to get there.

Here is a picture of Berlin’s zones:

Allgemeine Tarifübersicht_article

As you can see, the inner ring, “A” zone is conveniently marked by the “S-Bahn” which drives around in circles in both directions (this S-bahn is called the “Ringbahn”).

You can also see both airports in the picture above. In order to get to the city centre you need to take buses or trains (S-Bahn, Regio). If you arrive at Tegel (TXL) take any bus that takes you to „Zoologischer Garten“ (like the X9 or 109. X9 is quicker, about 15 minutes). These are pretty easy to find and go every 10 minutes. The TXL bus takes you to Alexanderplatz.

If you arrive at Schönefeld (SXL), you’re just outside the AB zone: You need to get a ticket valid in the ABC zone. You have three options to get to the city from Berlin Schönefeld Airport. You can take the S-bahn (S9, S45) to go again to either Berlin Hbf or Friedrichstr. The S-bahn goes every 10 minutes and takes about 45 minutes to the centre. You can also take a bus that will drive you to a nearby U-bahn station (usually U7). You can then continue your trip to Berlin’s city centre via underground.

When it comes to prices, you also have different possibilities. There are different kind. of tickets We looked up the best options for your stay depending on how many people are with you and how long you stay. These options are shown in the table below:

Captura de pantalla 2015-08-31 a las 17.13.36

Reminder: Pre-Helix Party at Meltdown Berlin


Meltdown Berlin released their Facebook event page for the Helix Pre Party. You can join the event here, but you can just show up, no registration is needed. Meltdown Berlin will allow us to have more Melee Setups than they normally do so we can play more. Please understand that depending on how many people show up, you may have to wait in order to play. But don’t worry! You can cut that waiting time short by drinking some beer or some of Meltdown’s game themed cocktails. They will even have some Smash specials for us that night!

There will be no tournament or any specific competitive event on that night, just freeplay and chilling with the homies. Be aware of the starting time the day after, so don’t drink till you pass out. The party will start rather early, so it is the perfect way to spend the evening before the tournament with a chill drink and some melee without having to stay up too late.

This event is perfect for everyone, player, attendee or casual alike. Even if you are not going to be part of Helix this year, come to the Party and play with some of the pros and enjoy a good talk and laugh!

Pre – Helix Party:

  • Address: Urbanstr 97, 10967 Berlin
  • Date and time: Friday, 25th of September at 18.00
  • U-Bahn Hermannplatz (U7, U8)

Last word on spectators


Like we have stated before, on the Helix Update # 4, spectators are NOT allowed. If you happen to come from outside Berlin and had planned to spectate at Helix, please be sure to contact Game 5 before just going to the venue.