14. September 2015 Usleon

Helix Weekly Update #4

The awaited date is approaching faster and faster. Just so you can not stop thinking about Helix and what to expect, we bring you the 4th edition of the Helix Weekly Update! Last week we had a short reminder to register your teams, posted the rulesets and introduced the Helix merch. This week, we have another short reminder, more information on the Meltdown Party and a disclaimer regarding spectators

This week’s content:

 Short Reminder: Cap increase, register your teams

 Pre-Helix Party at Meltdown Berlin

 Disclaimer regarding spectators

Reminder: Cap increase, register your teams


Helix is currently sitting at 201 unique Melee Singles entrants. The Event was capped at 200, why increase it by 8? We discusses a bit about this and came to the realization it is better to have 208 Melee Singles entrants rather than 200. We have an equal amount of players distributed in 16 Pools if we go for 208. We sadly cannot increase the cap further because of space reasons. Some of the Helix Staff will not be playing Singles to concentrate on TOing. Be sure to check the numbers if you want to register, as the total number of attendees may differ from the actual number of Melee entrants.

Don’t forger to register your teams on smash.gg/helix! As of now, 32 people are without a teammate, perfect for 16 teams so no one gets left out. An updated list with players without a teammate, as well as their country of procedence can be found here.


Pre-Helix Party at Meltdown Berlin





Meltdown Berlin released their Facebook event page for the Helix Pre Party. You can join the event here, but you can just show up on that day, no registration is needed. Meltdown Berlin will allow us to have more Melee Setups than they normally do so we can play more. Please understand than depending on how many people show up, you may have to wait in order to play. But don’t worry! You can cut up that waiting time short by drinking some beer or some of Meltdown’s game themed cocktails. They will even have some Smash specials for us that night!

There will be no tournament or any specific competitive event on that night, just freeplay and chilling with the homies. Be aware of the starting time the day after, so don’t drink till you pass out. The party will start rather early, so it is the perfect way to spend the evening before the tournament with a chill drink and some melee without having to stay up too late.

This event is perfect for everyone, player, attendee or casual alike. Even if you are not going to be part of Helix this year, come to the Party and play with some of the pros and enjoy a good talk and laugh!

Pre – Helix Party:

  • Address: Urbanstr 97, 10967 Berlin
  • Date and time: Friday, 25th of September at 18.00
  • U-Bahn Hermannplatz (U7, U8)


Disclaimer regarding Spectators


The question regarding spectators has been asked quite often until now. The Helix organizing team has decided not to allow any spectators during the weekend, mainly because of space reasons. If we were to allow spectators we’d rather increase the cap even further, but we sadly cannot. Please understand our decision on this matter.

There will be security personal throughout the weekend and only people with Helix armbands (participants will get one on the day of the event, but only if they registered prior to the event) will be allowed in.

Do you live in Berlin and don’t want to miss the Helix action? Don’t worry, GeekyGoonSquad will broadcast the event live on their Twitch channel.